(Important please read) A friendly Reminder about Plumbing Etiquette


Please note that the main plumbing pipes in most of our buildings are cast iron and foreign objects included but not limited to the list below are prohibited from being flushed down the toilets or washed down the sinks. Please keep in mind that tenants are responsible for all issues that are caused by tenant failure to comply with the before mentioned policy. We should all be aware that being irresponsible with what goes down our toilets will not only affect us but also our neighbors when living in a multi unit building. Please be responsible with what both you and your guests are putting down the sinks and toilets. Not only does it harm the environment but it also ends up causing inconveniences to many people other than just yourself. Please familiarize yourself with the below list.

What NOT to Flush Down the Toilet

To help you save embarrassment, thousands of dollars in expensive plumbing repairs, and avoid polluting the environment, pay attention to this list of things that you must never, EVER, flush down the toilets at any of the Starwood Realty Company Properties:

1. Feminine Products

Tampons and other feminine hygiene products are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet.

2. Cooking Grease/Food

Grease should never be poured down any drain, period. It may look like a liquid that can easily be dumped down a drain, but when it cools, it will congeal and clog up your pipes. Collect your grease in a glass jar and throw it in the trash, or save the grease and reuse it, especially bacon grease…mmmm.

3. Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes/Cleaning Pads

These “adult baby wipes” are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are also increasingly causing clogs and backups in sewage pipes across the country. Although some of these brands might say they are flush-able on the box, there are groups that are revising the guidelines, so soon all wet wipes will have a noticeable DO NOT FLUSH symbol on the packaging. If you must use these, throw them away in the trash can.

4. Dental Floss

Floss is not biodegradable and can cause serious clogs and environmental damage.

5. Q-tips/Cotton Balls

You might think that cotton will break down, since some toilet paper is made from cotton linen (Cottonelle/Cottonsoft), but they don’t! They will clump together, causing stoppages at bends in the pipes.

6. Diapers

Just because there is human waste inside does not mean that they are OK to flush. Diapers are made to expand in water. In the unlikely case you actually get the diaper to flush, it will likely get caught in the U-bend of the pipe.

7. Pills

You may think it is a good idea to put pills out of harm’s way, but you are probably doing more harm than good by flushing them. They have toxic effects on groundwater supplies and wildlife. There are many community-based “take back you meds programs.”

8. Paper Towels/Tissues

If you really want to save money and help the environment, you will use washable cloths and rags, but if you have to use paper towels, throw them in the trash, not the toilet. Tissues and paper towels are not made to dissolve like toilet paper; throw them in the trash.

9. Cigarette Butts

If you have to smoke, throw the butts away properly.

What does that leave? Not much! Human excrement and regular toilet paper are the only things you should flush down your toilet!

Thank you,

Water shut down at Casa Victoria Apartments



we have had had a major plumbing issue occur on the first floor of the Casa Victoria Apartment building. Due to this issue we have had to do an emergency water shut off. The water will be restored by tomorrow 4/9/2018, at this time we cannot allow any water drainage from the building. We know this is extremely inconvenient and we apologize. Everyone is working diligently to solve the issue in a timely fashion.



Invoice email system issue

Attention all tenants, if you received an email this morning stating you have an invoice to be paid please disregard this notice. It is just a duplicate email from your previous rental invoice and they are already marked as paid. We are working with the I.T department to fix the issue. Please do not confuse this with your monthly rental billing as all rental billing invoices are sent on the 1st of every month.

Thank you,
Starwood Realty Company Staff

To all tenants with pets


It has come to the attention of management that some tenants with dogs have not been diligent in cleaning up after their furry friends. We would like to remind all tenants with pets that it is your responsibility to clean up after your pets. We do not want our staff or other tenants having to step in unwanted things while walking the grounds. It is disrespectful to both your neighbors and guests.

Thank you,
The Starwood Realty Company

Happy New Years 2018

The Starwood Realty Company would like to wish all of our staff, tenants, and all associated parties a very happy and healthy 2018 year. Make sure to pay attention to our newly added properties. Remember the Starwood Realty Company offers lease transfers from property to property free of charge!


Happy New Years!
The Starwood Realty Company

Billing System Issues Corrected


This is a friendly notice that we have repaired our web based internal billing system. You will continue paying rent via our email links starting January 1st. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our payment system please feel free to contact our office. All system settings have stayed the same.


Thank you,
The Starwood Realty Company

Happy Holidays!

The Starwood Realty Company would like to take a moment to wish all of our staff and tenants a safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to continuing in offering some of the best places to live in the south Florida area in 2018.


Thank you,
The Starwood Realty Company

Internal billing system issue

We would like to notify all tenants that we had a system crash this morning. During the repair of our internal billing system many automated emails and invoices were for some unknown reason created and sent out. please disregard any emails received today, September 30th 2017.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

Starwood Realty Company Management.

Upcoming Construction Projects

We have some upcoming construction projects that we want all tenants to be aware of. Please see the below address / project list. Our offices will be in touch with all tenants regaurding the upcoming projects as cars may have to be moved, or units will have to be accessed from time to time to accommodate these projects. Exact dates of these projects have not been established yet. We will notify all tenants once project dates have been finalized.

Address: 1716-1720 NE 7th Street Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
Upcoming Projects:

-Parking space area on the northwest corner of the property.
-Roof replacement; Florida state restoration services will be removing the old damaged roof and replacing it with a new state of the art aluminum metal roof. This will protect and insulate the property, lowering your current electric bill by  making the property more efficient.
-Hurricane impact windows and doors; prior to hurricane Irma the Starwood Realty Company had contracted Alleman Windows and Doors of south Florida to remove and replace all windows and doors with new energy efficient impact windows and doors. Not only will this improvement make your home more secure but will help to keep it cool during the summer months.
-Exterior paint and finishing.


Address: 200 NE 16th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
Upcoming Projects:

-Balcony decking addition.
-Pavement resurfacing and grading of rear parking lot for water disbursement.
-Landscaping cleanup and replacement.

Post Hurricane Irma Update


We are pleased to inform you that as devastating as Hurricane Irma was, The Starwood Realty Company suffered no serious loss of property or of life. We are aware that many of our properties have been rattled with downed trees and debris. Our contractors are working diligently to clean out the debris from the properties and get all properties back to safe operating condition. If you have structural damage that we are not aware of please inform us immediately so that we can address the matter appropriately.