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Unit Inspections Being Scheduled on 4/22/2020

To all Tenants, We will be conducting a routine unit inspection of all units beginning on 4/22/2020 at 10am at all of the Starwood Realty Company Properties. The reason for the inspections is primarily just to check all toilets and faucets for any leaks or any routine needed maintenance within the unit. These inspections usually […]

A friendly reminder to all tenants with pets

Tenants, It has once again come to the attention of management that some tenants with dogs have not been diligent in cleaning up after their furry friends. We would like to remind all tenants with pets that it is your responsibility to clean up after your pets. We do not want our staff or other […]


Garbage is a service provided to the tenant, but one that should not be abused. Please note and observe the following guidelines. Tenants shall make sure that ALL of their trash makes it into the dumpster NOT ON THE GROUND AROUND THE DUMPSTER. Dumping of hazardous material is not allowed. Dumping of items such as […]