– Long term leases are contracted with 1 year renewable contracts.
– Short term seasonal leases are drafted on a case by case basis.
– Day rates on select properties are listed on our partner websites.

– First Month’s Rent.
– Last Month’s Rent.
– Refundable Security Deposit of $500.00.

– We have limited properties that are pet friendly. For the properties that are pet friendly we require a 250 dollar non refundable deposit. All tenants are limited to two pets per property.

– Our tenants guests are always welcome.
– Any guest staying on the property for more than a month will be recognized as a tenant and must submit an application.

– We do not require our tenants to have renters insurance although we do recommend it.

Short Term (Less than 6 months)
– Electric
– Premium Cable
– Wifi
– Water

Long Term (Greater than 6 months)
– Tenant must hold their own utilities accounts.

– If something on your property needs repair please call 954-317-1768. We strive to have our repair staff on location within 24 hours of the reported problem.

– All Starwood Realty Properties are fitted with High Definition Camera Systems that record 24/7. W value our tenants safety.

– Rent is negotiated on a case by case basis. Depending on size and amenities of the property. Please contact our offices for accurate pricing.

– All Starwood Realty Properties have substantial tenant parking.

– If any decorating is done to the inside of the apartment or property the Starwood Realty Company will require you to put the condition of the property back to what it was when it was originally rented out to you. If this is not done, we will use security deposit funds to revert the property back to original condition.

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