Starwood Realty Company Acquires Las Olas Lofts

The Starwood Realty Company is proud to announce the addition of the Las Olas Lofts to our property lineup. As the Starwood Realty Company adds more and more locations to its rental portfolio we want to have this company growth benefit our tenants and clients in some way as well. The solution is simple, the Starwood Realty Company will now be offering free tenant lease transfers throughout all the Starwood Realty Companies properties. To request a lease transfer or to check unit availability please contact our offices at 954-317-1768.

Web Based Rent Payment Portal Implemented


The Starwood Realty Company is proud to announce the launch of its proprietary web based payment portal. This payment portal will streamline the process of both you paying rent and keeping track of your payments. No need to spend money on checks or stamps anymore. This completely paperless system will simplify your rent payments and let you get back to doing what matters most in your life. If you have any questions on how this change will affect you please do not hesitate to contact our offices. As always we appreciate your business.

Starwood Realty Company Acquires Victoria Gables Triplex

Starwood Realty Company is proud to announce the purchase of Victoria Gables, a triplex located at 1716-1720 NE 7th Street Fort Lauderdale FL 33304. This triplex is a spacious building with 3 two bedroom two bath units. The units have very large living areas and spacious kitchens. The Starwood Realty Company has great plans in store for this quaint private property.

Starwood Realty Company teams up with AirBNB.

Times are changing and the same is true for the vacation rental market. To keep up with the times the Starwood Realty Company has teamed up with AirBNB to bring some of our most desirable properties to the vacation rental market. As Starwood Realty Companies President Thomas H. Fred JR. stated ” I believe in diversifying our offerings to current and future tenants, and partnering with AirBNB does just that.” To see what properties are available on AirBNB please visit our properties tab on our main website.

Starwood Realty Company purchases Le Chateau Petit 200 NE 16th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

Starwood Realty Company is proud to announce the purchase of Le Chateau Petit located at 200 NE 16th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33301; A 1937 Spanish eclectic property with rentals available from 1 bed / 1 bath units to a single family home consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Brand new contemporary interior boasts hard wood and marble flooring, open kitchen with spacious living room and dining areas provide an ideal set up for family gatherings and entertaining. The house is set with premium television and cable. Also comes with Sonos Bluetooth stereo and high speed wifi throughout the house.