What to expect as Hurricane Dorian approaches


With hurricane Dorian approaching, we want everyone to know we here at the Starwood Realty Company will be trying our best to secure all rental properties in the hurricanes cone of possible impact. With that being said we want to remind all tenants that we will not be securing any tenants personal belongings or property. Tenants that reside in properties that have been fitted with Hurricane Impact windows and doors are considered protected and prepared. As the storm approaches if you find that your area has been ordered to evacuate then we encourage you to do so. Even if your unit is fitted with Hurricane Impact windows and doors, If you are required to evacuate due to flood zones or if a heavy impact is likely then we request that you obey the evacuation orders given by the state of Florida. We all hope that none of these scenarios happen. We wish all of our tenants the best of luck and we will be notifying all tenants of any changes or updates that occur as things progress.


Thank you.