Internal billing system issue

We would like to notify all tenants that we had a system crash this morning. During the repair of our internal billing system many automated emails and invoices were for some unknown reason created and sent out. please disregard any emails received today, September 30th 2017.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this has caused.

Starwood Realty Company Management.

Upcoming Construction Projects

We have some upcoming construction projects that we want all tenants to be aware of. Please see the below address / project list. Our offices will be in touch with all tenants regaurding the upcoming projects as cars may have to be moved, or units will have to be accessed from time to time to accommodate these projects. Exact dates of these projects have not been established yet. We will notify all tenants once project dates have been finalized.

Address: 1716-1720 NE 7th Street Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
Upcoming Projects:

-Parking space area on the northwest corner of the property.
-Roof replacement; Florida state restoration services will be removing the old damaged roof and replacing it with a new state of the art aluminum metal roof. This will protect and insulate the property, lowering your current electric bill by  making the property more efficient.
-Hurricane impact windows and doors; prior to hurricane Irma the Starwood Realty Company had contracted Alleman Windows and Doors of south Florida to remove and replace all windows and doors with new energy efficient impact windows and doors. Not only will this improvement make your home more secure but will help to keep it cool during the summer months.
-Exterior paint and finishing.


Address: 200 NE 16th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
Upcoming Projects:

-Balcony decking addition.
-Pavement resurfacing and grading of rear parking lot for water disbursement.
-Landscaping cleanup and replacement.

Post Hurricane Irma Update


We are pleased to inform you that as devastating as Hurricane Irma was, The Starwood Realty Company suffered no serious loss of property or of life. We are aware that many of our properties have been rattled with downed trees and debris. Our contractors are working diligently to clean out the debris from the properties and get all properties back to safe operating condition. If you have structural damage that we are not aware of please inform us immediately so that we can address the matter appropriately.

Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Tenants,

we want to firstly thank you for your continued business. Starwood Realty Company cares about our tenants safety during these uncertain times.  We are doing the best we can to secure all of our vulnerable rental properties, unfortunately not all properties will be secured. The following addresses will not be secured before the storm:

16385 NW 12th Street Pembroke Pines FL 33028
1716 NE 7th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
1718 NE 7th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
1720 NE 7th Ave Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
900 SE 2nd unit 1 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 2 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 3 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 4 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 5 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 6 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 7 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 8 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
900 SE 2nd unit 9 Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

We advise all tenants located at these unsecured addresses to secure all important belongings and follow all evacuation alerts provided by the city of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. if your property address is not on the above list then your property has either 1, been secured by our service staff; or 2, is equipped with hurricane grade windows and doors. our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week so that all staff can prepare with their families. we wish all of our tenants the best of luck in the coming week.